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The meeting will be the occasion of the 2014 Truesdell Lecture, to be given by Professor Constantine Dafermos (Brown University).

The purpose of the Truesdell Lecture is to recognize and celebrate the aims of the Society for Natural Philosophy as recorded by its founder, Clifford Truesdell, in the announcement of the first meeting in 1963: "The Society for Natural Philosophy aims to promote communication across professional lines, to neutralize blind specialization, and to recognize and foster quality in scientific research. It offers common ground for those seeking unity of foundations through the results of specific researches, mathematical or experimental. Its method of operation is to organize meetings on specific topics of interest to some mathematicians, physicists, chemists and engineers."

The inaugural lecture in 2005 was delivered by Walter Noll at the Bari meeting, the 2006 lecture was delivered by James Serrin at the Purdue meeting, the 2007 lecture was delivered by Bernard Coleman at the Houston meeting, the 2008 lecture was delivered by Roger Fosdick at the Pittsburgh meeting, the 2011 lecture was delivered by Gianfranco Capriz at the Michigan State meeting, and the 2012 lecture was delivered by Stuart S. Antman at the Udine meeting.

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